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Time > skill is so fundamentally bad!

Некоего David Sirlin с gamasutra.com беспокоят в WoW вещи, которые на самом деле совсем про другую игру! Посмотрим, как он попляшет, когда доберется до Евы.

1. Investing a lot of time in something is worth more than actual skill.

If you invest more time than someone else, you "deserve" rewards. People who invest less time "do not deserve" rewards. This is an absurd lesson that has no connection to anything I do in the real world.

2. Time > skill is so fundamentally bad, that I'm still going to go on about it even though I started a new number.

The "honor system" in World of Warcraft is a disaster that needs to be exposed for health and safety reasons, if nothing else.

3. Group > Solo.

You can forget self-reliance, because you won't get far in World of Warcraft without a big guild. By design, playing alone (even if you are the best player in the world) will get you worse loot than if you always play in 5-man dungeons. If you always play in 5-man dungeons, you'll always get worse loot than if you play in 40-man raids. The player base has been hit over the head for so long with this notion of 40-man raids, that players are taking that as given. I see so many people who have been fooled into thinking this is justified, that it actually scares me. They think that you shouldn't be allowed to get good loot unless you do something with 39 other people, because that's harder. Some personality types want to do things with 39 other people, but my personality type certainly doesn't.

and so on

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