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У кого-то любимая книжка — "Заповедник гоблинов" или, скажем, "Путеводитель "Автостопом по Галактике", а у меня - файл Jargon.txt.
И он сообщает о том, что слово автомагический известно, начиная с конца сороковых годов прошлого века. Немало, позволим мы себе заметить.
automagically: /aw·toh·majґi·klee/, adv.

Automatically, but in a way that, for some reason (typically because it is too complicated, or too ugly, or perhaps even too trivial), the speaker doesn't feel like explaining to you. See magic. “The C-INTERCAL compiler generates C, then automagically invokes cc(1) to produce an executable.”

This term is quite old, going back at least to the mid-70s in jargon and probably much earlier. The word ‘automagic’ occurred in advertising (for a shirt-ironing gadget) as far back as the late 1940s.

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